Top 10 Best Real Estate Animated Explainer Videos 2022

Real estate is a versatile industry with many branches and subcategories. As such, it allows for many creative marketing opportunities, including the use of video marketing content or, more specifically, explainer videos. Whether you’re a realtor, an owner of a real estate agency, or an investor, you can definitely make use of good animated content that benefits your business. In this article, we’re going to focus on why explainer videos can help you boost your real estate success and we’ll showcase some of the best explainer video examples in this industry.

Why Use Explainer Videos in Real Estate

For starters, there are many benefits to integrating this type of content in your marketing strategy. Keep in mind that purchasing a property is a big decision that often comes with many concerns. On top of all the stress of choosing the right property, buyers have to deal with quite complex procedures when negotiating and closing a deal. Any help they can get is welcomed. That’s where animated explainer videos come in. This type of content is used to present businesses, deals, or in this case, real estate properties.

Explainer videos can be used to simplify complicated processes related to buying or selling a home or an investment property. The biggest advantage when it comes to explainer videos is the fact that they are effective and shareable, meaning people are more likely to pay attention to them and pass them along to their acquaintances interested in the same topic. This gives you an opportunity to expand your audience and gain more traction for your business. Overall, explainer videos are a great marketing tool because they can fit any scenario — whether you’re selling a property or marketing a real estate app. Here are examples to prove that!

Real Estate Industry Explainer Video Examples

#1 Revolution Real Estate

We will start off with Revolution Real Estate, a service that offers a listing program to help people sell their home and buy a new one with ease. Their explainer video starts by emphasizing a problem that the target audience usually faces — the fact that selling a home is difficult and expensive to do. As the video progresses, it offers a simple solution for these issues, which makes it seem like a really effective piece of marketing content. As far as the technicalities of the clip go, they used both a male and a female voice over to introduce diversity and keep the video dynamic going. Overall, the clip describes the benefits of using Revolution Real Estate services through a real-life example of a couple who saves $12 000 in commissions while buying and selling a home.

#2 Rently

Next up is Rently, an easy-to-use platform that allows people to schedule a viewing for any property in a few quick steps. Their explainer video brings attention to one of the biggest pain points in the rental real estate space — the fact that it is so difficult to keep up with viewings and schedule them in time. This application allows people to follow a simple and easy process when it comes to scheduling a viewing for their future home. Rently puts an emphasis on safety when scheduling viewings, which is another challenge that’s often overlooked in the real estate industry. Overall, they’ve done a great job summarizing the whole story in under two minutes.


Next up is a video by, a platform where people can look for the right neighborhood to live in. Their explainer video focuses on the importance of choosing a good neighborhood, as it dictates the quality of life in the long run. Choosing the right area to purchase a property can be a challenge, especially if you have multiple options in mind and you just can’t decide which is the right one. If you’re looking for additional information about a specific neighborhood, this platform is the perfect tool for the job. There you will find referrals provided by expert real estate agents in the area that will help you choose the right neighborhood for you and your family.

#4 JLL Real Estate

Here is a great example of how an infographic explainer video can perfectly fit the real estate industry. This is a video made for JLL, a firm that provides financial and professional services in commercial real estate, along with investment management. This might sound complicated at first, which is where an explainer video comes in handy. Their clip explains everything you need to know about the services and real estate and capital markets as well. As such a great example of real estate video marketing, this clip shows how JLL can add values to companies in the industry that invest in real estate on a regular basis.

#5 Reliant Realty

Next up is an explainer video that introduces us to a character called Patty. Made for Reliant Realty, this video showcases a hardworking real estate agent who is obligated to pay large fees for closing deals. In many cases, agents have to cover expensive fees even if they don’t end up closing the deal, which is not a very favorable solution. Hence, Reliant Realty introduces a new system where real estate agents can keep 100% of their commission and thus increase their earnings per transaction. The explainer video perfectly outlines the benefits as well as the ins and outs of the service.

#6 Redfin

Heres an interesting explainer video by Redfin where a real estate agent goes over the expenses you need to cover when buying a home. The creators of this clip used great graphics and visual features to present the content in the simplest yet most eye-catching way. Although it doesn’t go into great detail, the video provides an overview of what buyers should expect when purchasing a home, from the usual down payment to the hidden closing costs. Redfin provides a simple calculator that you can use to put together all your expenses and plan for your purchase more carefully. Overall, the video is a perfect example of how animated graphics can be used to explain how a service works.

#7 Ewemove

Next up is a video from Ewemove. Interestingly, the creators used animations of three different sheep that tell the whole story behind the Ewemove services. The sheep called Ewe-an, Ewe-nice, and Baaa-rbra are all involved in different steps of the rental process. One of them is a landlord looking for a tenant, the other one is a tenant-to-be looking for a home. The third sheep is an agent from EweMove that helps them close the deal in a quick and easy manner. This is a great example of how silly storytelling can be used in an industry as serious as real estate.

#8 Aussie

Here’s an example from a company called Aussie that provides services for people who are looking for home loans. Getting a loan for a property is a complex process that’s difficult to understand the first time around. Hence, an explainer video is the perfect opportunity to shed some light on how one can secure a mortgage for a property purchase. Aussie took advantage of this opportunity and created such a video, explaining what people need to do when working with a mortgage broker and what they can expect throughout the process.

#9 Welfont Real Estate Video

Check out this 2D real estate marketing clip by Welfont. Most simply put, Welfont is a brokerage company that operates in the commercial real estate space. They help people acquire commercial properties that include distressed real estate. This company taps into some of the more complicated sides of real estate where they represent cash buyers from the private sectors to compete with other buyers on the market. Understanding how this company works can be a challenge unless you have a piece of content such as this explainer video. The clip outlines the benefits of using Welfont’s services and it does so in a simple and highly efficient manner.

#10 The House Shop Real Estate Video

Last but not least, here’s another 2D real estate marketing video example by The House Shop, which is an innovative online property portal that features many properties available for sale and rent. This explainer video shows you how the platform works and in what way you can benefit from it. Most simply put, real estate agents can use the platform to list properties for free and get direct access to buyers and tenants who are looking for a home. Altogether, The House Shop brings buyers and sellers/renters together and provides exceptional comparison services that help people find the perfect match for their needs.

Use Explainer Videos in Your Real Estate Business

Whether you’re an agent or an investor, there is no doubt that you can find a way to leverage the efficiency of explainer video content in your business. The only question is which angle are you going to take? Will your explainer video target new customers or be used to explain a new service to your already existing audience? Either way, you will benefit from using such audience-focused content in your marketing strategy.

Luckily, you can hire an animated video agency to make a realestate animated explainer video for you. This will save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business while someone else does the work for you. All you have to do is sit back and reap the benefits of publishing amazing animations across your social platforms. There is no doubt that your audience will appreciate the effort and be more likely to convert!

Article by Nicole Delgado 2021 | Marketing Manager | Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Video Production



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